What is Frex all about?

Tucked away in the far north, a small nation full of traditions and innovations is still living at its roots. When the ancestors of today’s Finns looked at a forest, they saw arable land. With hard work and dedication, they cleared the fields, rolled away the stones and prepared the nutrient-rich soil for potatoes and vegetables.

Even today, the Finns are still deeply rooted in their northern soil. They maybe best known for their innovations in technology, but they are living as close to nature as ever. Respecting their northern homeland, Finns now cultivate potatoes and vegetables using modern high tech to ensure that they meet modern expectations for vitamins, minerals and trace elements. And the uniquely intense, natural taste — it speaks for itself, even when the silent Finns run out of words to describe it.

Frex root and tuber vegetables enjoy naturally fresh, clean water and draw their exclusive flavour and strength from the pure northern soil. They are an invitation for your palate to take a journey through time to the roots of pure taste, to a time when intensive agriculture did not disturb the natural cycle of nutrients in the soil.

Frex root and tuber vegetables are naturally ecological and guaranteed to satisfy even the most delicate palate. They bring you the same natural taste of the midnight sun that made the ancestors of today’s Finns work hard to claim their cropland from the forest. Welcome on a culinary journey to the land of unspoilt nature and modern innovations!