Our Team

Our highly skilled team has grown over the years with a PhD biologist in international biodiversity research.  Our marketing skills reach over the globe.
 Our farming methods are a combination of academic and practical studies and experience and on top our star chefs are world-renowned culinary professionals.

Tapio is our mastermind and innovator taking care of operations. He has passion for Finnish food and triathlon. Tapio has 20 years of experience in Finnish food export marketing and logistics in Central Europe, especially Belgium.


Tapio Knuuttila

When it comes to potatoes, Rami Lilja is the man you need to talk to. Also known as the Potato Professor, he knows his spuds inside and out. To grow the best potatoes on earth is his calling.  And the rest he leaves to the creator of this earth.


Rami Lilja

Legendary, the Chef, former Bocuse D’Or judge. Every great team needs a chef, but we are lucky to have the one and only Pekka Terävä with us. Pekka is one of the greatest ambassadors of Finnish cuisine and he has received the honor of the Ordre Du Mérite Agricole from the French State and has been awarded the prize of The European Hospitality Foundation.

Pekka Terävä

Pia keeps our feet firmly on the ground and guides our team with warm heart. She loves rustic lifestyle and culture. Pia has 20 years of experience in international business development, strategy,  marketing and productization, and experience in large business frame contract negotiations.


Pia Tapio-Knuuttila