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Return to the roots of unique and pure taste with Frex potatoes and vegetables.
With their genuine, rustic look, they carry a legacy of a time when food was pure and ecological.
Just like Finns, they are a product of long traditions and modern innovations.
Welcome to a culinary journey to unspoilt nature and original taste!

Frex vegtage 2019 is now ready to deliver and is packed in 15 kg boxes (loose potato).
Best stored  protected from light, at a temperature of 4°C to 6°C.

FREX – RETURN TO THE ROOTS® is a registered trade mark of Skabam Ltd.

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Frex potato Jazzy

The best Jazzy in taste and composition. Ideal for boiling and roasting.
Nice mouth feel.

Frex potato Soraya

Excellent potato for general use.
Good real potato taste.

Frex potato Noblesse

The best taste of this vegtage. Floury but still firm.
Ideal for mashed potatoes, but versatile due to firm composition and nice mouth feel.